East (Long Island) Meets West (Wyoming) Meets Northwest (Seattle)

Who knows how you got here?

Maybe you typed a “G” instead of a “C” and you’re wondering who the hell Matt Manguso is. Hopefully, you’ve come to research me and consider whether I’m right for the position or not.

Whatever the case, here you are.

Welcome and enjoy.

Here are some things you’ll find if you decide to stay:

  • My resume and portfolio. The main reason I left New York and the television production world was to work as a writer and photographer for the Pinedale Roundup  a good, weekly newspaper covering Sublette County, Wyo. Since accepting the position, I’ve written news stories, sports stories, features, profiles and a homegrown adventure series titled East Meets West.
  • Photography. Taking pictures has always been a hobby and when I began a career in journalism I decided I needed to make my photography skills just as good as my writing skills. I take my camera everywhere, much to the annoyance of several friends and family members.