Revamping the site and “getting connected.”

Hello out there.

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine recently who kindly told me, “Nice blog. It’s good to know you were alive a year ago. Ass.”

In an attempt to call him out on his blog I quickly headed over to his page only to find that it looked awesome with up-to-date posts, a kick-ass layout and other things that made me feel inferior. So, realizing mine sucked, I decided I had better make it presentable and update it as much as possible. And here we are. New theme, new pages, new photography and a ton of work from my portfolio. Hope you check them out, follow me and tell your friends.

Additional shameless self-promotion, I am also on Twitter these days, @mattmanguso, so follow me and see what i’ve been up to. As you know, wacky adventures follow me around so there should be plenty of good tweets and upcoming posts.

New posts will be coming on the blog too, so keep an eye out for “Why I Love Sea Chanties.” Coming soon.


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