Wherein I Find A Focus

It’s been a while since my last post and I apologize. When I first began writing I would shake with excitement as the number of views and visitors rose to be 70 people in one day. Then I stopped posting and people stopped looking. I don’t blame them because I wouldn’t want to keep visiting a site that never had any new content. I apologize faithful readers but for the past month I have not been idle. In fact, I have written probably about 10 posts this past month but, like most self-conscious writers, the writing was not up to my satisfaction and were quickly discarded. Some people have a hard time understanding how I could so easily toss away 1,000 plus words, but for me, unfortunately I suppose, it is quite a common affair.

For the past month I’ve mulled, pondered, considered and contemplated what the hell to write about and then it hit me – Rendezvous. You may recall one of my first posts mentioned Rendezvous and I casually stated “more on this later,” which brings me to my focus.

Last week, I was sitting in my room trying to figure out something to write. I began stroking my face and felt my beard. I looked into the mirror and laughed at myself because I realized I still had more than five months until it was coming off. I felt my hair too, down to my ears already, and thought this is going to be more difficult than last year.

In about my five months July will rush in and bring with it warmth, camping, hiking, fishing, tourists and Rendezvous. Ahh, Rendezvous. It is a marvelous time, a time when the streets of Pinedale explode with street vendors, old timey music, homemade root beer and heavily bearded men dressed in buckskins and strutting through town.

I truly enjoy many aspects of living and working in rural Wyoming; the cowboy culture, the open spaces, the outdoor opportunities, but I live for Rendezvous. There were several reasons why I left New York for the West, but the main reason was for adventure. If there is any group of people, historically or present, who would understand my lust for adventure it would be the mountain men of the 19th century.

Part of the present Green River Rendezvous celebration is the beard shaving an event. Men begin growing their beards at all different stages and then on the last day of Rendezvous out come the clippers and off go the beards.

Last year, I began growing my beard in April. This year it began on January 1.

I’ve done a couple of searches and noticed there aren’t really any blogs about beard growing and Rendezvous and mountain men so, not only have I found something to write about continually for the next six months, but I’ll also be a trendsetter (#selfrighteous).

This post is extremely jumbled and truthfully I am just getting it down because I need to otherwise it will never happen, but from here on out this blog will be devoted to discussing the history of Rendezvous, mountain men and the Fur Trade of the 1800s, as well as the trials of me, my hair and my beard.

This should make Dave Carroll happy because out of all my followers, he has been the one most vocal about me posting and writing.

This is my beard about one week in.

This is my beard about one week in. I promise it will get progressively more outrageous as the days continue.