East Meets West Adventure Stories

It wasn’t easy for a New York born-and-bred boy to travel 2,000 miles from his home and attempt to establish himself in a rural, close-knit and Western town. My Long Island accent, dress and east coast swagger all quickly gave me away. Despite my alienness, I dove headfirst into everything I experienced. Luckily for me, my editor at the Pinedale Roundup was adamant about letting us reporters get out, explore and have personal adventures. The best part about of going on those adventures, is I was able to share the experience to readers through a narrative complimented by photographs.

  • The Elk and Me: My first real hunting experience in Wyoming came two years into my stay in Sublette County, and what an experience it was.
  • Cowboy 101: Spending a week with one of Sublette County’s most tried and true cowboys, this tenderfoot learned the basics of life through the horse ears.
  • To the Land of Geysers, Bears and Tourists: Fellow reporter and dear friend Travis Pearson and I took a weekend off to visit America’s first National Park. Along with another friend and a ferocious Yorkshire Terrier, we enjoyed the wilds of both Yellowstone’s wildlife and its visitors.
  • Eating (as) Local (as I can): With a growing season that lasts little more than a month, I begin my eating local week by trying to find as much local food as possible.
  • A Week of Eating (mostly) Local: With a hoard of local produce, meat and bread, I put my strength to the test and try not to stray from my solely Sublette County fare.

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