Some may think a high-profile murder, corrupt cops and county and town expenditures are news, they are, but, for me, people are news, too. People are the fabric of communities – from low-populated rural areas like Daniel, Wyo. to metropolises like New York City – and without them, a village or city would just be a grouping of houses instead of a community.

While working with the Pinedale Roundup I had the opportunity to meet, interview and tell the stories of some of the most interesting people I have, or probably ever will, come in contact with. Each one is different but weave together to tell not only their personal story, but one of the area as a whole.

  • A Craftsman in Cora: Steve Yenko is a woodworker whose shop sits in the shadow of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. His work is unique, as is his methods and style.
  • Down and Dirty Blacksmith Action: Bond, J.B. Bond, is a farrier by day. By night, he can be found in his studio pounding metal rods and sheets into unique pieces of art.
  • 100 years of (incorporated) Pinedale: In 1912, a small hamlet beside Pine Creek picked itself up by its boot straps and became the furthest town from a railroad in the U.S. and one of the most pristine places to live in the country.
  • The Cold man and the Lake: Chad Whitley takes spearfishing to a whole new level by free diving the frigid waters of Fremont Lake in November.
  • Living the High Country Good Life: As a young man, Bob Gilbank wanted to make his living on top of a horse. Decades later, he’s still living at 10,000 feet herding cattle, chasing wolves and living the solitary good life.
  • The Poet on the Hill: Pinedale’s Poet Laureate Cork Kelley is lyrical in his speech, controversial in his viewpoints and  sarcastic in just about every aspect of his life.

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